• Image of Kim Deitch - The Glowing House Along the Way
  • Image of Kim Deitch - The Glowing House Along the Way
  • Image of Kim Deitch - The Glowing House Along the Way

This is a fine art print of Kim Deitch's 'The Glowing House Along the Way' printed on 350g Hahnemuhle Museum Etching Rag paper with Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment ink. Just to be clear, this is literally the best quality print I'm capable of making - the printer is set on the least efficient setting (more pigment hitting the paper), the paper is the finest I've encountered in 10 years of running a small press, and so on. It's a nice print, is what I'm trying to say.

There's another unique thing about this print: it's not based on original artwork. Usually with fine art printing, the goal is to reproduce an original piece of work as faithfully as possible. Here, the original black and white artwork was sold long ago, the color was done in Photoshop, and the only scan was on a disc that didn't work anymore. In fact, the only surviving record of the artwork was a yellowing page from an early-90s issue of the LA Weekly. After an extensive color correction process, I was able to restore it and include it in the 2014 publication of 'A Deitch Miscellany.' For this print, I tweaked some more color, made the blacks a little deeper and more consistent, pulled out some of the oversaturation, and came up with something I'm really happy with. It definitely doesn't look like a normal print made from a modern high-res scan, but that's part of the charm.

As for the artwork itself, here's what Kim has to say:

"It happened this way. Justin Green wanted to do some project featuring emblematic middle age style morality themes. I did a rough layout. Justin rejected it. But I liked it and filed it away. Not long after that Kathy Goodell put the bee on me to do a piece for some art show she was curating. I got out my rough and did it up for her show. Somewhere in there some rich guy bought the original for a thousand bucks. But I made a scan. Good thing because then the L. A. Weekly hit me up for a page. I threw the scan into photoshop put some color on it and there it was."


Page size: 13" x 17"
Image size: Around 12" x 16"
Paper: Hahnemuhle Museum Etching cotton rag paper, 350gsm
Limitation: 20 signed/numbered copies, 5 APs

Lastly: international shipping has gotten insanely expensive lately. I don't know how much these will cost to ship internationally, but if it turns out to be less than $25 (Canada/Mexico) or $35 (Worldwide), I'll refund the difference.