• Image of The Daily Forlorn by Paul Hornschemeier
  • Image of The Daily Forlorn by Paul Hornschemeier
  • Image of The Daily Forlorn by Paul Hornschemeier

Signed Trade Edition - $40.00
Deluxe Edition with Bonus Print - $75.00
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In the spring of 2011, cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier started a project he called 'The Daily Forlorn' - one drawing a day, published to his website, with no gaps. These drawings are somewhere between sketches and finished work - each page seems like an excerpt from a book Paul may write at some point in the future - animals wearing people clothes, portraits of famous TV stars (and German philosophers), scenes from a road trip, and snippets of newspaper cartoons that were never published.

When Paul agreed to publish some of these drawings in print, we saw our challenge as justifying a printed object showcasing work that is available for free online. To that end, we pulled some of our (and Paul's) favorite drawings into a 36-page book and printed it all in full color on 105g Hammermill paper. The book is bound in Crane's Lettra covers, with a cover plate printed by Greener Printer in Berkeley, CA on Everest Cover. Inside a french fold in the front cover is an archival print on Canson Etching Rag paper, signed by the artist and mounted in a hinge.

Limited to 75 copies, in two color options.

The deluxe edition ($75) is bound in Fabriano Murillo covers and contains a hand-cut cover pastedown as well as an additional signed print mounted in a mylar sleeve so it may be removed and displayed separately.

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